Did You Know?

According to a HKU research team, Hong Kong’s excessive appetite for meat causes the city to be one of the world’s highest greenhouse gas emitter. 3382 tons of food waste are disposed of in landfills each day in Hong Kong. This is eqivalent to the weight of 7.3 fully-loaded Boeing 747s.

The fast fashion scene in HK is also damaging the environment. More than 340 tons of textile waste is dumped each day into the city’s overflowing landfills, according to the city’s Environmental Protection Department.

Massive increases in human population, urban development and consumption of renewable natural resources in the last century have created an imbalance in human’s relationship with our planet.

In Hong Kong, our daily consumption at individual, family and business level accounts for 76 per cent of Hong Kong’s Ecological Footprint. According to WWF, Hong Kong people are living beyond the earth’s limits. We need 3.9 Earths if everyone led the lifestyle of Hong Kong people.

What is Sustainable Lifestyle?

It seems there is no one straight answer to this question. I feel that a sustainable lifestyle can’t be defined by the book because……it has so many labels like green & eco-friendly living, conscious living, eco-conscious, minimalism, conscious consumption, zero waste etc.

The bottom line is that a sustainable lifestyle can mean different things to different people. Have your own definition and get a head start of it!


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

— Howard Zinn

Living in a more sustainable lifestyle is not complicated. There are so many little things you can do in your daily life that can make a big impact over time. Doing something is always going to be better than doing nothing. Something as simple as putting a plastic bottle in a recycling bin is very important. These small act requires so little effort but can make a huge impact to our planet when everyone is taking this small step.
“It’s not about perfection. It is about making better choices.”
No one has this sustainable living thing down 100%, it is almost not possible for the majority of us. No matter how many changes you make at home there will be times when you have to choose the unsustainable option, especially when you live in a metropolis like Hong Kong. These things happens and it doesn’t mean you are less committed to your sustainable lifestyle.

“To damage the earth is to damage your children.”

— Wendell Berry

Any lifestyle change is hard and takes time. We all grew up not thinking about where our rubbish went. We throw everything in the same bin and it was taken away. So even the small change of sorting your rubbish and recycling takes time to get used to. It is important you give yourself time to adjust to any lifestyle changes and forgive yourself if you don’t manage to do it every time. What’s even better is if you start educating your next generation about sustainability. Parents Habits Become Children Habits. Kids have the capacity to contribute to a better world.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

— Vivien Westwood

Hong Kong is a fast paced city and an incredibly competitive society. The passion to get ahead, make a better life, get a better job and a better place in school for your kids all start from a very young age. All these fast fashion and fast food chains uses large amounts of natural resources while producing carbon emissions that fuel climate change. There is a need to change our spending behavior and address the ethical and environmental issues.

There is no such thing as ‘away’. When you throw anything away, it must go somewhere.”

— Annie Leonard

Have you ever bought a packet of ingredient and end up using only a third of it? This must have happened in every household with a kitchen. 1/5 of the food waste generated daily is from commercial and industrial sources. How about the rest? 920,000 tons of domestic food waste is produced per year. Earth is what we all have in common, we shall all be able to agree that we need the earth to thrive in order to survive as a population. Our action do matter to the health of this planet. By 2020 Hong Kong’s landfills are expected to reach capacity. We should start reducing waste and establish a habit of reusing if possible.

As an extension to The Cakery, an advocate on clean eating, KIRR (keeping it real and raw) is here to build a safe and clean community and make a sustainable lifestyle more accessible to you. We are here to appreciate our mother nature, keeping most of the products as real and raw as possible by using sustainable ingredients and materials. We also want to be as trasparent and provide as much information as possible on the products so you will feel safe to consume or use. At KIRR, you will find some of the best eco-friendly products on the market, from ingredients, fashion to jewelry, homeware and activewear. We hope to reduce packaing and offer packaging that can be reused where possible. We are a small platform with a massive mission of making the world a better place together with you.

Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started!


Only buy or order what you can consume to reduce food waste.

Avoid single use bottles and utensils. Bring your own bottles and utensils.

Choose organic food or food from low carbon food production. This reduced not only the toxins released into the environment but also the need for fossil fuel to create those chemicals.

Eat less meat. Animal-based food is typically much less energy efficient than grains, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and fruits.


Bring your own bag and stay away from plastic bags and over packaged products. Switch to reusable bags when we shop.

Recycle used paper, plastic, metals and batteries to reduce packaged products. Start using natural cleaners to reduce the amount of plastic packaging being made, and the amount of chemicals that are being introduced to the water system.

Change your washing habits. We wash everything too much. Not only has science discovered that our over emphasis on being clean has reduced our natural immune resistance to diseases, but each person wastes tremendous amounts of water when they bathe, wash dishes or do laundry.

If you are looking for gifts, shop smarter by choosing environmentally friendly products. Buy products with less packaging. The excess packaging will end up going to your trash and from there goes to landfills in most cases. It only further contamination the environment but also pose serious health effects to humans and animals.

Shift your lifestyle away from consumption and toward more sustainable activities. Ditch the electronics and spending time in nature.

If you are looking for any products in particular, feel free to drop us a line. We want to hear your needs and want to help! Let’s consume less and consume wisely!